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“There’s nobody in the world who wouldn’t say that there isn’t a portion of that fleet that hasn’t the ability to take care of this fish properly. We feel this thing will fill that need.” Fill that need, and perhaps more. Pat Glaab is a self-taught engineer, and one of Alaska’s most prolific seafood plant builders. acupuncture for tinnitusHe met Blakey after he built the Leader Creek plant. He also built the Silver Bay Seafoods plant in Naknek — and its plant across the harbor here in Sitka. This barge is actually his 11th processor. And Blakey thinks the completely self-contained, floating plant may be one of Glaab’s best ideas. Technically a tender, this barge will operate with around 20 people, as opposed to the 200 or so needed to run a processor on shore. Much of the main deck is being converted to freezer space, per Glaab’s design.

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